What it’s all about…

The idea of this company started many years ago when a few of us had an idea to start making our own shirts. We felt we had good ideas and would rather wear our shirts than some other brands. It started simple enough until we saw that others like our ideas as well. So here we are, on a website, selling apparel to our friends and family.

Please keep in mind we are a simple, local, family based business and dont have a whole lot of money to purchase excess stock. We will print on the first of every month and slowly build up stock for the shelf. As of right now we only print what you order when you pay for it. It takes a few weeks to print depending on the quantity ordered. Bare with us, we love the fact you came here to visit and look at what we have to offer. Have a seat, take a look and order what you like, you wont be disappointed.

We strive for happy customers and hope you enjoy our products. If there is something you want to see made, send us an e-mail, if there is a big enough demand for it we’ll print it.

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